Why should you register your child? To prepare your child for kindergarten. In the Lil’ Sonshine Bunch Preschool Program, students will, at the completion of the program, be prepared to go to kindergarten. Children will learn their abc’s, how to share, and about Christian values. They will learn many bible verses throughout each week of preschool.

Children who participate in this program will also learn shapes and numbers. They will learn how to count and the names of different colors.

These children have a great opportunity to learn numerous things that will help them throughout kindergarten and elementary school.

Please view our Registration Application to register. Take notice of the attached letter and simply fill out the application and then mail it to us here at the preschool. You can also digitally sign the form and email it to missjess@lilsonshinebunch.com or missnancy@lilsonshinebunch.com if you would prefer not to mail the application. We hope to see your children in this upcoming school year!